Team Hope
We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults with special needs by providing horsemanship experiences in a warm, safe and compassionate environment.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Hudson

Mother of Hope (Our Namesake)

Rick Schemel

Vice President

Claire Schemel


Hope Hudson


Our Board Members

Jim Best

Mark Mattingly

Larry Ferrell

Gerry McCloud

Let us know if you are interested in joining our Board in the future


Kelly Seiler

Program Director & CHA Certified Riding Instructor
Kelly also holds Certificates in the following specialties: Introductory to Inclusion and special needs children & Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder from The Child Care Institute. Kelly is trained in mental health first aid and has a background of support specialist services that included working with; mental health and substance use disorder treatment, veteran’s services, peer support, psychiatry, crisis intervention and stabilization, individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy, family medicine and more!

ShyAnne Koehler

Lead Riding Instructor
ShyAnne earned a B.S. in Agricultural & Equine Science from Truman State University. She competed on her college equestrian team in the hunter/jumper division and holds Certificates in the Masterson Equine Body work methods and Introductory to Inclusion and special needs from the Child Care Institute.

Sara Hauberger

Riding Instructor

Melissa "Mo" Patterson

Riding Instructor

Devin Huber

Riding Instructor