You Can Sponsor A Hope Hero Horse


Fancy is a 14-year-old Arabian mare that is a Hope Center favorite! Fancy was once a show horse and was dark grey in her younger, competitive years. Fancy was the first horse to join The Hope Center many years ago. Fancy is a go-to for new students with her gentle and kind temperament. Fancy can be ridden by anyone and is exceptional for bareback and balance lessons. She is often commented on by her beautiful Arabian face! Because of Fancy’s continued service, we want to provide her with the best care possible. If you would like to help sponsor Fancy click the link below. *Ulcer Medication - $217.50 *Body work -$90.00


Misty is a 23-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse that has been with us since August 2021. Misty is a stunning black mare that is loved by many. Misty’s nickname around the barn is “Grandma Misty”. In Misty’s younger life, she was a great trail horse! Misty loves to walk and is willing to do anything asked of her. She is sweet and stands great for all clients. Misty works so hard for us at the Hope Center and we want to give her the best care, so if you would like to sponsor Misty click the link below. *Ulcer Medication - $217.50 *Chiro - $80.00