Horses and Riders


HickoryHi! My name is Hickory.  I am a quarter horse and I am the leader of the group here at the stables.  It’s not an easy job but someone has to do it!  I like to eat grass and grain and LOVE alfalfa!  I’m in excellent shape as you can tell by my figure.  I love my horse family but I really love when people are around and when they ride me. It’s the best part of my day!  I hope you will come out and see me.  If you’d like you could brush my coat, pet me or ride me.  I love when people are on my back and I can show them what a smart horse I am.  I’ve had very good trainers in my life and I can tell what my rider wants by the way they touch me.  (I also know a lot of spoken human words.)  What I’m best at is knowing what you want by the slightest touch.  Don’t worry if you’re nervous because many people are.  I, and the rest of the horses here, are very gentle.  We know people love us and we want people to know we love them too!  I hope to see you soon.



Hello, my name is Sitta, pronounced (Sit-tah).  I am an Egyptian Arabian.  I stand 14.2 hands high.  My age?  It doesn’t matter!  Although I am the most “mature” in the group here at the stables, most people think I’m around 12.  My ancestors originated in the Arabian Peninsula and we are the oldest breed in the world!  Arabians have a distinctive head shape and we naturally hold our tail high.  My breed is the most recognizable too.  Because of my lineage I am naturally very versatile.  I can do almost anything people want.  I love the herd I belong to.  We are all different yet very similar.  We look out for each other.  Hickory thinks she’s the boss!  I let her think it….but I have the most experience and I love to learn new things. The people at the stables keep bringing in new items to make sure we are comfortable with them and they also make the strangest noises trying to scare us.  Really, if they only knew we are trying so hard not to laugh at them!  That’s okay though because they are really good people and they take excellent care of us.  I hope you can come out to the stables and see me.



Hello Everyone!  I am called Spirit.  I am very kind and gentle and that is why they chose me to join the family here at the Center.  I am a Tennessee Walker and I’m all black from head to hoof with beautiful almond shaped eyes!  They take really good care of me here.  I LOVE it when they brush my coat and could stand there ALL day while they do that.  It relaxes me and sometimes I find myself wanting to fall asleep!  I also like it when people ride me.  Since I am a TW I am not only tall but I have a different type of gait.  You should come out and ride one of the other horses then me and see if you can tell the difference?!  Maybe before we ride you can brush me?  And then of course after we ride you could brush me?  I overheard people talking about mud baths and how it helps the skin so I like to help out by giving myself a mud bath every so often, then I get a real bath and get brushed and brushed….Wow!  My coat really shines then. See you soon!


Hi, my name is Diablo! BJL Good Impression” is my full name.  Diablo is so much shorter and yet everyone seems to just call me “D”.  I am one of the few boys right now! I get bossed around a lot by all of these “ladies” aka mares.  They don’t give me much room to move. They can be very pushy when it’s feeding time! I actually belong to Hope, she is such a lovely girl! She could have had any horse she wanted and she picked me!!  I think it was my beautiful markings and my piebald face, not to mention my many, talents. There are not a lot of horses that look like me.  Legend is that a horse with my markings brings good luck to the rider!  (If these “ladies” only knew what they had!)  I am so spoiled by Hope and her family. They come and take care of me and love me so much! Hope and I are best friends!   I have learned all kinds of new things at the Center so not only Hope and her family can ride me but others come and enjoy the therapy I provide.

Hasta la vista!  ~Diablo







Hi. Kristal Fantasy is my name but you can call me Fancy. I am an Arabian. I am a laid back gal. Not much bugs me, except flies, I hate those annoying things. I am a go-to for many new students, whatever that means. I am told I have a wonderful personality for the beginner, I just am being me. I love attention. I love to be brushed and petted. I am a horse that will do most things asked. Every once in a while, I feel I don’t need to kick that silly soccer ball, but the instructor tells me it makes the kids feel really good accomplishing something like that, so I usually give in and kick the silly thing. Come by and see me some time, I love apples.











Hello, I am Mia, no it does not stand for missing in action, it is just Mia. I am a quarter horse, with the most fantastic trot, so I have been told. I have been here for nearly 2 years. They take good care of me here, I have been in the show ring most of my life. I retired from there and now I spend my days just being a laid back lesson horse. I am kinda special, I am nearly blind in my left eye but that doesn’t bother me at all. You would never know it if I didn’t tell ya. The barn just feels it is a unique quality that makes me an awesome horse with a great story.











Ginger, is my name, taking care of students is my game. I am the newest member of the barn. I am fast becoming a barn favorite. I am starting to become a horse that everyone is drawn to. I am a quarter horse and I am a horse that loves to walk and trot. Come by and say hi. I would love to get petted and fed some treats










Hi, I am Sugar. I am a Belgian draft horse. My best friend is Fancy, don’t tell the students though. I can pull big loads with a cart, I can also carry some of the smallest riders around and they feel like they are on top of the world. Swing in and say hello. Don’t let my size intimidate you, I am a true gentle giant. Even though I am as big as a dinner plate.






Hi, I am Raj. I am a Tennessee Walking Horse. I love it here. I get to chill out and just hang with my friends. I am a good horse who just chills out where ever I am. One of my best friends here is Mo. He and I love to play fight. We are good at tricking people into thinking we don’t get along. When it comes time to work I am all business. I enjoy when the clients bring me treats. I don’t get to much grain, the Certified Riding Instructor thinks I am on the fluffy side. So treats are awesome. My favorite thing to do is be in these sessions that are called EAGALA. I go to the arena with my friends and we can just be ourselves. I don’t have to work too hard during these times, they are fun to do. Come by and see me sometime, I love treats and someone petting me.







Hi, I am an Arabian my name is General. I am a retired show horse. I have been taught to count and to give hugs. I enjoy being in the barn. We have lots of students that they tell me I am their favorite horse. I know I am the best, Shhh don’t tell the other horses. I don’t want them to get jealous.











Hello, My name is Irish. I am a Tennessee Walking Horse. I am 12 years old. I used to be a show horse but gave that up for the trails. I am love being around people and the barn is a really fun place to be. I see so many different things in the barn. I enjoy when [people bring me carrots and apples. Come see me some time, I would love to get some pets from you.












Hello, I am Mo. I am a retired jumping horse. I gave up the jumps for chilling out with my riders in the barn. I am an appaloosa, even though I don’t look like a typical appaloosa. I have been at the barn for a bit over a year. Most people can’t believe I am an appaloosa, but my parents were, I just didn’t end up with the spots like they had. I enjoy being brushed and spoiled. Come on by and see me. I am the tallest in the barn right now.

You don’t break these beautiful animals, you come to an understanding with them.


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